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  • Love Spells: Are They Ethical?

    Love Spells: Are They Ethical?

    We Love a Morally Sound Love Spell: Pull out the rose petals, red and pink candles, and Himalayan sea salt! Valentine’s Day is upon us and love spells are in the air. An alluring part of witchcraft is the idea of the love spell – the opportunity to bring new love into our life or […]

  • Moss, Menthol & Magic

    Moss, Menthol & Magic

    A spell jar & sachet recipe for soothing sickness It’s that time of year again—the leaves are falling, pumpkins are pleasantly plopped on neighbours’ doorsteps, and gross colds are spreading more terror than the latest Netflix horror series. (Midnight Mass is pretty good, you should check it out.) For college and university students, October is […]