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  • Crystal Feature — Moonstone

    Crystal Feature — Moonstone

    The Divine Feminine Healer: Back in ancient days, Romans believed moonstone was a shard of pure moonlight. The way the crystal caught the light and seemed to glow like the moon itself caused both ancient Romans and Greeks to associate moonstone with the divine lunar goddesses. Just like the moon, moonstone crystal symbolizes light in […]

  • Goodbye Anxiety — Mini Spell Jar

    Goodbye Anxiety —               Mini Spell Jar

    This one’s cute AND powerful: Spell jars and bottles come in all shapes and sizes — including very mini ones. What’s the benefit of making a tiny spell jar, you ask? Mini spell jars are super easy to throw into your pocket, bag, wallet, sock (whatever works for you!) before heading out for the day. […]

  • Crystal Feature — Green Aventurine

    Crystal Feature — Green Aventurine

    The Opportunity Stone: This past week was St Patrick’s Day, so it’s pretty fitting to talk about a crystal that can help bring us luck! Green aventurine can be your lucky charm and open your mind to new, prosperous opportunities. Green is my favourite colour, so this soft green crystal has a special place in […]

  • Glamour Magic

    Glamour Magic

    Aphrodite’s got nothing on you 🤍 I’ve always struggled with self-consciousness. I am very hyper-aware of myself in social situations (which is perhaps due to my neurodivergence). When I’m out in public, I feel my every movement — breath, blink, step — and wonder how other people perceive me. Am I weird? Do I look […]

  • Crystal Feature — Lepidolite

    Crystal Feature — Lepidolite

    The Gentle Healer: Lepidolite is a recent addition to my crystal collection and is becoming a new favourite. It’s a soothing stone and good for anxiety and depression. Discovered in the 1800s, lepidolite was originally named Lilalite because of its lilac colouring. This crystal can be found in purple, pink, magenta, and soft purple-grey shades. […]

  • Snow Magic

    Snow Magic

    Let’s Jump Into Some Winter Witchcraft I have a love/hate relationship with winter. If I had to rank it, winter would be my least favourite season. I’m a witch who loves her greens, so winter makes me a bit gloomy. Here in Winnipeg, our winters are brutally cold, the sky stays sad and grey for […]

  • Love Spells: Are They Ethical?

    Love Spells: Are They Ethical?

    We Love a Morally Sound Love Spell: Pull out the rose petals, red and pink candles, and Himalayan sea salt! Valentine’s Day is upon us and love spells are in the air. An alluring part of witchcraft is the idea of the love spell – the opportunity to bring new love into our life or […]

  • Sweet Dreams Sachet

    Sweet Dreams Sachet

    Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Fever dreams are by far the worst type of dreams I have. When I’m sick, my dreams are usually made of dethatched and nonsensical images that don’t string together (like scrolling through videos on your phone and only catching the first three seconds of each one). These dreams also […]

  • Crystal Feature – Citrine

    Crystal Feature – Citrine

    The Energy Enhancer As a full-time student, I often feel drained both physically and mentally. Since my program is strictly online for the time being, doing classes from home every day also seems to rain on my creativity. To top this off, my day-to-day struggles with anxiety and depression can make it very hard to […]

  • Grimoires


    How You Can Create a Book of Shadows If you’re just diving into witchcraft, you may have come across the terms “grimoire” or “book of shadows”. What are these mysterious and alluring titles? Simply put, they are spellbooks. In witch lore, a grimoire would hold all the recipes and secrets needed to recreate a witch’s […]