I’m Rachel (she/they) a.k.a. little moon witch. I’m 27 and a baby witch. What’s a “baby witch”?Anyone who’s new/newish to witchcraft. Since I’ve been practicing for about three years, I call myself a baby witch.

I’m passionate about intersectional feminism & social justice. I love animals, true crime, & house plants! (Plant tips are welcome here.)

little moon witch

Welcome to the blog! I’m launching this site as part of a college assignment and will be making weekly witchy posts focused on self-care and wellness.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression ever since my young years and developed an eating disorder on top of this in my early 20s. About three years ago, after hitting what felt like yet another “rock-bottom” moment and not knowing what to do next, I decided to cast a spell.

The spell wasn’t anything huge, just a candle spell for self-love and peace. I carved a heart into a pink candle and placed it on top of a penny, letting it burn for a few minutes before blowing it out and letting the delicious smell of candle smoke soothe my aching mind. Since then, my practice has diverged and helped me cope with and (semi) manage tons of difficult emotions.

I find witchcraft pairs nicely with my meds.

I am still constantly learning about witchcraft, and am by no means an expert! Despite this, I want to share what my experiences with witchcraft have been so far. I think witchcraft can be a really accessible and fulfilling spiritual practice, with many benefits (exceeding mental wellness)! Witchcraft is for anyone, and anyone can be a witch. It’s inclusive of all genders, beliefs, and intersectionalities.

There are so many elements to witchcraft (which, I should point out, is different from Wicca, which is a belief system within witchcraft) and it can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out. I have some bite-sized witchery that you can use to begin your practice/include in your daily life as a way to heighten your mindfulness and explore self-love and spirituality.

Well, that was a longer introduction than I expected to write. Anyway, let’s get casting!

What I Do

I’m currently a full-time Public Relations & Communication Management student at Red River College.

I spend my weeks doing schoolwork, volunteering at a local community clinic, having cheeky anxiety attacks, and falling asleep on my laptop.

My passion is to work for a non-profit organization once I graduate. I’ve been lucky to have a few work experiences with non-profits already!