Goodbye Anxiety — Mini Spell Jar

This one’s cute AND powerful:

Spell jars and bottles come in all shapes and sizes — including very mini ones. What’s the benefit of making a tiny spell jar, you ask?

Mini spell jars are super easy to throw into your pocket, bag, wallet, sock (whatever works for you!) before heading out for the day. Mini spell jars act like charms, and carrying one around with you can help you feel safe and protected.

I’ve found very tiny bottles with corks at my local dollar store, but craft stores are another place to check if you’d little to get mini with your spell jars! I’ve created a recipe for an anti-anxiety mini spell jar that’s great to keep on you if you’re struggling with anxiety.

This one is quick and easy to cast (when making mini spell jars, you only need mini dashes of ingredients). I chose ingredients that you’ll likely have on hand or in your pantry, but if not — no worries! Just use what you can from this list! And pro-witch-tip: you can swap out any herb in a spell with rosemary. Rosemary is a do-it-all herb. We love rosemary.

Goodbye Anxiety Mini Spell Jar Recipe


  • Mini jar or bottle
  • A candle
  • Lighter or match


  • Pine needles — persistence, good health
  • Thyme — strength, courage
  • Orange peel (dried) — uplifting, joy
  • Chamomile — soothing, confidence

Bonus Ingredients

  • Green aventurine crystal chips — balance, harmony, strength, stabilizing
  • Glitter

Step 1Candle Cleanse

Light your candle. Any candle you have handy is fine, but if you can, matching the colour to your intention will boost your spell! White candles can be paired with any spell (they are cleansing and purifying). I used a yellow candle for this spell to add happiness and joy.

Once your candle is lit, carefully cleanse your little jar or bottle over the flame.

Step 2Add!

Next, fill your jar with your ingredients! Again, a little goes a very long way with mini spell jars, so try not to overfill, especially on the first few ingredients!

If you’re using crystal chips, start with these. Add each herb with intention. If you want to add some pizazz, glitter can make your spell jar look extra magical and fun. Glitter also adds whimsy and joy into your spell.

Step 3Seal With Wax

Dip your jar or bottle’s cork into some wax from your lit candle, and then place it into the jar/bottle. You can add more wax to the outer cork by dipping the bottle into wax, or slowly pouring wax onto the sealed jar.

There you have it! Your very own tiny spell jar charm to keep with you on those tough days. If you’re curious about where to find herbs to use in spellwork (if your local grocery store doesn’t have what you’re looking for) try some local metaphysical or witchcraft shops! Etsy is also a great resource for finding spellwork supplies, and I’ve bought many herbs and crystals from various shops across Canada through Etsy. TickleYourWitch, SpiralSunHerbs, and HiddenNotesAndGems are a couple of shops I really like!

Have fun casting!

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