Glamour Magic

Aphrodite’s got nothing on you 🤍

I’ve always struggled with self-consciousness. I am very hyper-aware of myself in social situations (which is perhaps due to my neurodivergence). When I’m out in public, I feel my every movement — breath, blink, step — and wonder how other people perceive me. Am I weird? Do I look nice? Does everyone think I fit in? Is this how “normal” people blink??

It’s exhausting. It’s much easier on days when I’m feeling confident. Whether it’s a good hair day, or I’ve just gotten an A on an assignment — confidence boosters can have a big impact on my mentality about myself. Although it’s not the best practice to be worried about how others see you and what they think about you, for neurodivergent folks, it’s a struggle some of us constantly try to cope with.

But what exactly does this have to do with witchcraft?

Let me introduce you to glamour magic.

What is Glamour Magic?

Glamours are a subtle type of magic that most of us practice regularly whether we’re aware of it or not. Glamour magic is the act and craft of changing your appearance to align with the things you want to attract. Unlike the movies, this type of spell won’t magically shapeshift you into someone different. Glamours are “controlled, directed projections” you wear with intent. (Enchanted Living Magazine)

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say it’s your first day at a new job, or in a new class. You’re about to meet a handful of new people all at once. You want to make the best first impression you can, and give folks a peek at your personality. You may start your day by taking a shower with your favourite body wash. Then, you might put on a sheet mask as you drink a relaxing cup of coffee or tea. When it’s time to pick your outfit, you may choose your go-to sweater that makes you feel like a million bucks, or that always seems to bring you positive experiences. For folks with facial hair, you’ll probably give yourself a fresh trim. You might also put on your favourite lipstick, eyeshadow, or perfume/cologne. Lastly, you’ll tweak your hair, placing each piece carefully before applying a pleasantly-scented product to it.

This morning routine example is FULL of glamours. All these little getting-ready tasks help you feel good about yourself, and you would typically do each of them with a certain purpose in mind. Whether it’s a relaxing/soothing task like a shower, face mask, or cup of coffee — or a confidence-boosting task like wearing clothes that make you feel hella cute, putting on makeup, or trimming your facial hair — glamours help boost our vibes by making us feel…well, glamourous!

Photo by Miriam Przybylo on Unsplash

Dressing and getting ready to go out can act as a ritual and have a big effect on how we approach the world. (Enchanted Living Magazine) Glamours help us manifest by highlighting both our inner and outer beauty.

One way to add intention to your appearance is through colour. Matching the colour of your clothes, shoes, makeup, nail polish, jewelry, or even hair can enhance your physical appearance to help attract the things you desire. Want to attract prosperity and success? Wear a green cardigan! Want to attract new romance or love? Dab on some pink or red blush and lipstick!

Here are other ways you can glam up before you go out:

Glamour Methods

  • Bath magic: a great way to begin a glamour ritual or prep yourself before going out. Follow a self-love, protection, relaxation, etc. bath recipe before getting dressed and doing your makeup/hair. Bath magic helps heal physical and emotional pain, which is a gentle way to ease yourself into a getting-ready routine/ritual.
  • Crystals: wearing a crystal pendant, bracelet, or ring can enhance a specific intention. Meditating with a crystal during your getting-ready routine can also help boost your desired attraction.
  • Listening to songs you like can be a great way to get you in a certain mindframe/mood to help you take on your day.
  • Makeup: the act of putting on makeup alone can be a glamour. It changes the way you look based on how you want to express yourself. Incorporating colours to suit your specific intentions can help you attract. The scent/flavour of products you wear can also have an effect on your desired outcomes. For example, wearing a honey flavoured lip balm can make your words come out sweeter 🍯 (which is great if you have to give a presentation!)
  • Perfume/cologne/oils: these are a great way to bring potion work into glamour magic. You can create your own scented oil to anointed either yourself, or your beauty tools (makeup brushes, razor, comb, etc.) with intention. Or wearing your favourite scent/a scent with ingredients to match your intention can give you a beautiful boost.
  • Sigils: placing sigils somewhere on your body/person (pockets, bag, pinned inside clothing, etc.) can be a quick way to cast a galmour spell. You can also apply makeup in the shape of of sigil before blending it out.
  • Amulet/jewelry: glamours have traditionally often be cast into an amulet or piece of jewelry. Enchanting a necklace, ring, or bracelet with your desired intention and wearing it as you tackle your day can help you glow your brightest.
  • Affirmations: you’ve heard of affirmations, right? These are statements we say to ourselves to help boost positive energy and bring good things our way. Saying /thinking affirmations to yourself is a form of glamour magic. I am beautiful. I attract positivity. I am enchanting and alluring. I am well-spoken and quick-witted. I bring smiles to folks’ faces. Say an affirmation to yourself three times into a mirror. This will help you attract, attract, attract!

Glamours are essentially acts of self-care and self-love. These help us express ourselves in intentional ways so we can help others see what we want them to see. Where we focus our intention is strengthened, so focusing on the things we love about ourselves will make those traits most noticeable to everyone else.

When asked about glamour magic, Deborah Castellano, author of Glamour Magic: The Witchcraft Revolution To Get What You Want, said:

“It’s how you break the mold, not how you fit into it.  Glamour is an action, it’s how you chose to present yourself to the world, it’s how you express yourself, it’s where you refuse to conform.”

Castellano also says glamour magic is a way to help folks express their gender to the world. These spells can help our appearance match the way we feel inside. Above all, glamours help us find the confidence to be ourselves and radiate our unique, beautiful energies out for everyone to see and love.


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