Snow Magic

Let’s Jump Into Some Winter Witchcraft

I have a love/hate relationship with winter. If I had to rank it, winter would be my least favourite season. I’m a witch who loves her greens, so winter makes me a bit gloomy. Here in Winnipeg, our winters are brutally cold, the sky stays sad and grey for about five months, the roads become scary slick, and my skin aches for moisture and humidity.

On the flip side, there are some things that make Canadian winters bearable. In winter, it is socially acceptable to spend most of your time indoors underneath cozy blankets and to drink lots of delicious warm beverages. If you do wish to be outdoors, there’s skating, sledding, and of course — enjoying the snow.

Winnipeg winters mean lots of snow. This year seems especially snow heavy. If I were to plunge my body into my front yard, I’d be chest-deep in snow. (I’m 5’2 for reference, but that’s still pretty deep!)

Snow makes winter a pretty magical season. Not only is snow pretty to watch and fun to play in — it’s also a great channel for spellwork. And if you live in a snowy climate like me, you have an abundance of snow to work with.

Magical Properties of Snow

Snow takes on water’s magical properties since it’s water in a frozen state. These properties include:

  • healing
  • cleansing
  • purification
  • intuition
  • emotion
  • dreams

But, due to its unique form, snow’s magical properties also include:

  • rest & regeneration
  • peace & harmony
  • deep self-healing
  • solitude
  • beauty
  • patience
  • change

Snow can be used in transformation magic since it transforms from a solid, frozen element into water. Transformative spells paired with melting snow can have powerful benefits.

How to Use Snow in Your Practice

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate snow into rituals and spells:

  • draw sigils in the snow
  • collect freshly fallen snow to make snow water (you can then use the snow water in healing, cleansing, purification, etc. rituals and spells. Snow-tea, anyone?)
  • bury water-safe cyrstals in some snow to cleanse
  • cleanse other items/magical tools in snow
  • add snow/snow water to a bath for helaing or self-love
  • make a simmer pot: melt snow in a pot & add in herbs/spices to make your home smell nice while purifying your home
  • dispelling negativity: gather snow in a jar or dish. Meditate your intention/worry into it, or write down your thoughts/worries on a piece of paper and place it into the snow. As the snow melts, negativity will also melt away and release itself from whatever it was holding onto.

One of my favourite things about witchcraft and spellwork is being able to gathering elements from nature to use in my practice. Spring, summer, and fall seem like they offer the best opportunities to do this, but winter’s snow is also an amazing resource.

So, if you’ve got snow outside your door right now, try scooping some fresh stuff up and make snow magic! If you don’t have any snow where you live, you’ll now have some things up your sleeve if you ever visit a snowy-scape.

Sources: — Warming Up with Winter Magick — Snow Ritual? Element Magick, Symbols, and Uses — Snow Spells: Make Magick with ICE and SNOW, Magic Properties & More

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