Sweet Dreams Sachet

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Fever dreams are by far the worst type of dreams I have. When I’m sick, my dreams are usually made of dethatched and nonsensical images that don’t string together (like scrolling through videos on your phone and only catching the first three seconds of each one).

These dreams also usually involve the Sims, or Animal Crossing theme uncontrollably playing on repeat in my mind. You might think this sounds cute, but it is very unsettling when all you want to do is sleep off the cold sweats.

Anyway, sometimes when I’ve had a stressful week, my dreams start to verge on the “dethatched and nonsensical” category, which is annoying. Any folks who experience vivid dreams know that when you are graced with an enjoyable one, it can help give a positive boost to your waking day.

If you’ve read my previous blog post about dream magic and lucid dreaming, you already know how much I love a good dream! I’ve been so incredibly busy with school and life lately, that trying to keep up with dream magic has been difficult. Having stressful days can lead to upsetting or even bizarre dreams, so when school and life get busy, that’s when I could use a bit of dream magic the most!

So, I wanted to take a little time to make a simple spell to help promote good dreams and restful sleep. All you need to craft this spell are a few herbs and a little cloth bag. Pop this baby under your pillow so you can fall into that blissful part of dreamland.

Sweet Dreams Sachet


  • Lavender – for relaxation, soothing, & restful sleep
  • Chamomile – calming & thwarts insomnia
  • Thyme – repels nightmares
  • Rosemary – protection & dream recall
  • (Optional) Mugwort – dream magic, protection, lucid dreaming, & prophetic dreaming
  • A small cloth bag or pouch
  • (Optional) candle or incense to burn


  • If you’d like to use a candle or incesne for your spell, light this frist. You can use the smoke to cleanse your bag or pouch.
  • Place your herbs into the cloth bag. You don’t need much for each! A teaspoon or half teaspoon is sufficient. The amounts of each herb can also be differrent depedning on which ones you’d like to focus on.
  • Close your bag and make sure it’s secure so the herbs won’t fall out.
  • Place your spell under you pillow, on your nightstand, or hang it from your bedframe.
  • Ta-da! Dream magic.
The dream sachet I made ☪️

This quick and simple spell can help you wake up feeling rested and refreshed, while also giving you some pleasant thoughts to kickstart your day.

Happy dreaming!


becomingwitchy.tumblr.com – Herbs to use in Sleep Magic

patheos.com – Magik in the Bedroom: A Witch’s Guide to Sleep

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