How You Can Create a Book of Shadows

If you’re just diving into witchcraft, you may have come across the terms “grimoire” or “book of shadows”. What are these mysterious and alluring titles? Simply put, they are spellbooks. In witch lore, a grimoire would hold all the recipes and secrets needed to recreate a witch’s spells and rituals.

For the modern witch, a grimoire can be so much more than a spellbook. Grimoires can be similar to journals, somewhere a witch can record not only spells, but their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

A grimoire is a great tool when you’re starting out in your practice. You can use it to store info and ideas you hear or read about. Basically, you can keep track of anything to do with witchery and your practice.

Traditionally, your grimoire would be a physical book, but keeping a digital grimoire is VERY convenient, and very possible for modern witches. I personally keep two grimoires, one is a refillable journal, and the other is a folder on my laptop that I should really be updating more often than I do (low-energy witch problems haha).

Things You Can Include in Your Grimoire:

  • Spells you’ve tried and would like to try again
  • Spells you’ve tried that did not work out
  • A list of each crystal you own & their properties (you can add an illustration or picture of the crystal too!)
  • A list of crystals you find interesting/want to add to your collection one day
  • A list of flowers, herbs, and other plants along with their magical/spiritual associations (illustrations and pictures would be a great addition for this one too)
  • The lunar phases and their affiliations
  • Sigils (see my previous post on sigils if you’d like to know more about these)
  • Recipes (for some kitchen witchery!)
  • Tarot spreads you like or would like to try, plus your results and the date of your reading
  • Deities/gods/goddesses you’re interested in
  • Manifestations, incantations, or chants

A grimoire can really be anything you need it to be. It can be a creative outlet, full of pictures and sketches, or it can be more writing-heavy, full of notes and bullet points. One important thing to note here – it does NOT have to be perfect. It can be messy, pages can be torn out, or maybe there’s even a coffee or tea stain somewhere in the middle of it (oops).

Your grimoire will be beautiful whatever its appearance because it is your helper along your witchy path.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the grimoire a.k.a. book of shadows. Until next time, bye friends!

2 responses to “Grimoires”

  1. I love all these ideas on grimoires and what to include in them. I like to keep an online grimoire so everything is neat and organized before I re-write it physically.

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