Witches Bells

Time to Ring in the New Year


This year is much more satisfying to look at than 2021.

In numerology, the number “2” is a supremely feminine force. It’s associated with strong intuition and bringing balance to both situations and people. It also embodies coexistence and teamwork.

In tarot, number “2” is aligned with the second card of the Major Arcana – the High Priestess. The High Priestess represents the duality of body and spirit. (The Secret of The Tarot)

Sounds like 2022 is the year of the witch if you ask me. (Let’s go, matriarchy!)

And what a better way to ring in this year of feminine power than with witchcraft! Specifically, witchCRAFT…emphasis on the craft.

If you’re creative and like to do DIY things/crafts, you might enjoy making witches bells. My best friend, Amy, and I made some over Yule back in December, which was the first time either of us

1) made witches bells and

2) did fun activities to celebrate Yule.

Our witches bells!

Yule falls on the Winter Solstice and lasts for 12 days. (Ever wonder what the “12 Days of Christmas” are?) Yule is a celebration of the darkest half of the year ending and the lightest half beginning. A lot of Christmas traditions are inspired by Yule. Christmas trees, carolling, Yule logs, and mistletoe all have origins in Yule.

Amy and I were excited to participate in some Yule traditions and she came up with a little list of things we could do together to get the most out of the solstice. One of which was crafting witches bells.

Remember how I mentioned that Yule celebrates the dark half of the year ending? Well, bells were traditionally rung during the Winter Solstice to ward off demons or evil spirits that tried to creep up out of this dark time. They also helped herald in the light and bright new year with all its fresh beginnings. (Sacred Earth Journeys)

Bells are used in witchcraft for the very same reason – to clear and cleanse negative energy from a space. Witches bells are usually hung from a doorknob or nail to rid negativity or clear stagnant energy in your home.

Witches bells are made from some sort of circular frame (you can use wire, sticks, a wreath, etc.) and bells are hung from it. When making your own, you can include any charms/crystals/extras you like. Amy and I included tiger’s eye and amethyst (for protection), juniper branches from Amy’s backyard, and orange slices we had freshly dried.

A closer look at the bells I made

Not only was this fun and relaxing, but when you’re finished you have a new witchy tool to help ward off negativity. Perfect if you’re a student going back for yet another term of online COVID school.

Hope your 2022 is off to a…start.

Year of the witch, baby!

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