Dream Magic

Nobody knows why we dream

Some theories suggest dreams are reflections of our waking lives.

We see similar places and faces in our dreams to the ones we’ve recently seen in our day-to-day lives. If you watch a zombie movie before bed, zombies could very likely appear in your dreams (speaking from personal experience).

Another theory says dreams are our creative brain running free. We don’t have our usual waking-logic filter on while we dream. This allows our creativity to flow without bounds. Have you ever woken up from a dream with a great idea for a story, painting, song, or poem? I have!

Then there are theories suggesting dreams help train our “fight or flight”. The amygdala is one of the most active parts of our brain when we sleep. This is the part responsible for survival instincts, i.e. “fight or flight”. Essentially in this theory, dreams expose how we will act in certain situations, and prepare us for potential real-life threats. (Enter zombies, stage right.)

Regardless of all these theories, the purpose of dreams remain a mystery. And where there’s mystery and unknowns, there’s a gap perfectly fit for witchcraft.

Let me introduce you to dream magic.

Dream magic is my latest witchy project/study. Over the summer I decided to finally turn my spiritual attention to my dreams because I’ve always been fascinated by them.

Dream magic attempts to draw meaning, guidance, and/or answers from dreams. Dream magic includes lucid dreaming, prophetic dreaming, connecting with spirit guides, learning about past lives, and astral travel (the latter is a very complex form of dream magic).

I’ve always had very vivid dreams, both physically and emotionally. When I was a kid, I used to be able to lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when you become aware you are dreaming and can control different aspects of your dream.

I haven’t been able to lucid dream for the longest time, and I’ve also been losing the ability to have clear concise dreams. (Recently my dreams have been pretty abstract and a bit scattered…kind of like my mental state when I’m awake). Once in a blue moon (literally about that often), I become aware of the fact that I’m dreaming, but really struggle to control anything.

I try to. I consciously attempt to control my surroundings and actions in a dream, but dream-me is always disappointed because there is a big blockage stopping us from having control (feels a lot like my reality, which could say a lot).

Some things I frequently do in my dreams are fly, move things with my mind, and shoot strange little force fields out of my hands to destory evil or demonic energies. All in a night’s work.

I see the same faces and places constantly in my dreams.  I would love to be able to have a meaningful, “what are my dreams all about and do we know each other from a past life?” conversation with some of these dream guests.

My dreams are packed with adventures. Ghosts and demons are super reoccurring and my dreams basically resemble horror movies. I find it all very exciting. It’s a nice little break from reality, which often gives me existential and mundane dread.

The type of dream magic I’m most interested in right now is lucid dreaming and being able to get fuller spiritual experiences from my dreams. To be able to lucid dream, I think my dreams will have to become clearer and less scattered. I would like to have more control over my dreams overall. I’m not very good at flying and that’s frustrating. My telekinesis skills also need improvement so I’d like to set aside some dream time to get better at those.

Having more control in my dreams would…maybe give me more of a feeling of control in my waking life? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Lucid Dreaming Tips & Tricks

There are many techniques you can practice to be able to lucid dream. From here on out, I will be employing as many of them as to reach my dreaming goals.

Here are the pointers I’ve discovered:

1. Keep a Dream Journal

I’ve never been able to keep up with journaling. I’ve tried many times before but am never able to stick with it for more than a couple weeks. I’ve purchased a dream journal and will be attempting to fill it out routinely. Recounting your dreams when you wake up can help you gain more awareness while you’re in them.

And speaking of books (yay books!), I also just bought a book called Night Vision: A Field Guide to Your Dreams by Theresa Cheung (the journal I bought is by this same author).

I’m going to read this book over the next couple of weeks and will keep you updated on any “ah-ha!” things I come across.

2. Reality Checks

To lucid dream, you have to be able to distinguish between waking life and dream life. Have you ever had those dreams where you think you’ve woken up? You’re completely convinced everything is normal and realistic…then you actually wake up and realize how off you were.

Doing daily check-ins when you’re awake can help you become more aware when you’re dreaming. Every so often, pause, and do this self-check: “I am awake. This is reality.”

If you do this enough you’ll check yourself in a dream and be able to tell the difference between it, and your waking life/reality.

3. Crystals & Herbs

I’ve tried the odd lucid dream spell in the past but to no avail. My goal is to try out different spells (using crystals and herbs) in combination with the above tips to strengthen my dream recall, dream clarity, and prompt lucid dreaming.

Here’s what I’ve found through some research:

Crystals for Dreamwork:

  • Amethyst: protects from nightmares, promotes restful sleep, dream recall, and lucid dreaming
  • Danburite: promotes restful sleep, provides access to higher spiritual vibrations, releases stress and worry
  • Howlite: helps with insomnia, promotes awareness, and strengthens memory
  • Lazulite: is a birdge between the physical and spiritual world, activates unique psychic abilities, helps disconnect you from the physical realm, promotes astral travel, deep meditation, and insightful dreams
  •  Moonstone: promotes intuition and clairvoyance, harmonizes with feminine energies
  • Scolecite: protects from negative astral travel, promotes restful sleep, lucid dreaming, and meditation

Herbs for Dreamwork:

  • Cloves: protects dreams from becoming nightmares
  • Lavender: promotes peaceful and restful sleep
  • Mugwort: one of the most powerful dreamwork herbs, promotes lucid dreaming and astral travel
  • Passionflower: stops mental chatter, promotes clear dreams
  • Rosemary: promotes prophetic dreams and mental clarity (gets rid of whacky dreams and gives you clear, concise dreams)
  • Rose petals: promotes self-love and happy dreams
  • Vervain: sleep-enhancing, helps produce dreams

Spell sachets are good to use for dream magic. You can fill a small pouch with herbs and/or crystals and place it underneath your pillow or mattress, on your nightstand, or tie it to your bed frame.

You can use crystals on their own as well. Place a crystal under your pillow/mattress, or on your nightstand to get its effects while you sleep.

I’ll post more about dream magic as I venture into these tips, tricks and spells.

For now, I’ll leave you with one fun fact I picked up:

Did you know?

If you become lucid in a dream but start to feel it slipping away, stop everything and spin on the spot. This will help you stay lucid and aware!


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