5 Things to do During the Next Full Moon

What’s more witchy than the moon?

The moon is a celestial tool for magic and manifestation. Lunar phases are significant in many cultures and beliefs, and have an influence over elements in nature, like “ocean tides” and “crustacean spawnings” (GreenWitch).

Witches use the moon and its phases as a spiritual guide. The moon is a very powerful energy source. Following along with the lunar calendar can be handy for folks wanting to add a bit of celestial magic to their everyday routines. Pairing up your practices with the moon can enhance your intentions, spells, and spiritual powers.

The full moon is the most powerful time of the month. (GreenWitch). The next full moon falls on Wednesday, October 20th and is called the Hunter’s Moon. According to Farmer’s Almanac, centuries ago the Hunter’s Moon was a signal for folks that it was time to go out and hunt for their winter’s food supply.

Full moons are great for enhancing almost any spell. But there are certain things you can do during a full moon to take advantage of its spiritual influence.

1. Make Moon Water

Use the light from the full moon to charge up a jar or bottle of water. Moon water not only sounds magical, it has a lot of magical uses too! Drink it, use it to make tea or coffee, pour some into a bath, water your plants, or use it in spell work.

But why exactly is moon water magical? In a recent article in Cosmopolitan, writer Gabriela Herstik says, “Energetically, water is receptive. It holds the energy or intention of whatever it’s imbued with. And in the case of Moon water, the water acts as a psychic sponge” (How to Make Full Moon Water).

The best/strongest way to charge your moon water is by leaving your water outside under the full moonlight. If that’s not a practical option, you can also place some water on a windowsill nearest to the moon.

2. Write Down What You Wish to Release

The full moon is a time for releasing the things that no longer serve you. On a piece of paper or in a journal, write down a few things you would like to let go of. These can be feelings, beliefs, situations, or people.

You can either burn this list to help release these things, or you can keep it tucked away with your journal or in a safe place and meditate over them.

After you do this, take some time to think about the challenges you’ve overcome recently and the positive things that have come your way. The full moon is also a time to feel gratitude. This can be difficult to do (especially for witches struggling with mental health) but if you feel up to it, give it a try! You’ve gone through many challenges to get where you are and deserve to celebrate your victories.

3. Charge Your Crystals

Take advantage of the powerful full moon and place your crystals outside or in your windowsill to charge them.

Charging crystals not only cleanses away previous intentions or negativity, it also gives them an energy boost which makes their powers stronger.

4. Take A Bath

Having a bath is both a relaxing and meditative experience. Add a bath bomb, bubbles, or salt to your bath to help soothe and balance your energy!

5. Do Something Creative

The full moon is a great time for creative expression. Draw, paint, write, or take some time to do another creative activity!

Try one or a few of these out anytime there’s a full moon!



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