Tea Magic

This one’s for you, tea lovers!

In witchcraft, herbs and spices have magical properties and are frequently used in different kinds of spells or rituals. For example, cinnamon brings abundance, healing, love, protection, success, and can help you with your psychic powers (just to name a few of its properties.) I’ve used cinnamon sticks, chips, and powder in a variety of spells!

The same goes for tea – tea leaves have magical properties. Herbs and tea also have health benefits, which witches take advantage of. There are many ways to combine tea, herbs, and spices to make yourself a simple little spell you can drink.

That’s right, tea magic is basically potion-making (yay!)

In her book “Wellness Witch”, Nikki Van De Car says that drinking tea can be a magical ritual if you intend it to be. She mentions that many Asian cultures practice tea ceremonies, which can be very detailed and specific. When it comes to using tea magic, you can follow your own ritual if you like, or keep things very loose….leaf. Tea pun!

Van De Car also says, “The kind of tea you drink matters, as different teas provoke different responses in your body.”

This cute graphic from @craftingwitch on Instagram will give you a visual about teas and their magical…properTEAS…haha.

a little tea guide

A simple way to give your tea an added magical boost is to stir it. Stir your tea three times clockwise to attract positivity, or three times counterclockwise to banish negativity, then tap your spoon to your cup three times to seal your intent.  

This stirring spell also works with other drinks, like coffee or hot chocolate. It could be a nice thing to add to your morning routine, especially if you’ve got a long day ahead (as a student, I should really be doing this more often.)

Here are a few herbs and spices you can add to your tea:

And here are a couple of tea spells you can try out.

I hope this inspires you to make a magical brew!

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