Sigils 101

It takes time to build a menagerie of magical supplies. Not only can it be a bit overwhelming to research what or where to purchase a certain crystal, herb, or alter item – it can also be financially inaccessible (some crystals are EXPENSIVE!) I think sigil magic is a nice introduction to spellwork and the power of intent – and all you need to create one is some paper and something to write with!

Witchcraft relies heavily upon intention. It is a very mindful practice. Practicing intent by creating sigils is a great way to prepare for more involved spells. Also, for folks with cluttered or scattered brains (like myself) focusing on your intent might be something you need to continually practice, which is a-okay!

So, what are sigils and why am I telling you about intention?

Sigils are symbols or glyphs witches use to help manifest a certain desire. They are created based on a specific intention, and work by connecting with your subconscious. They are similar to a witch’s code – unless you’ve been told what a sigil is for, or you created it yourself, you can’t decipher a sigil just by looking at it.

A dream sigil I recently placed under my pillow

There are many methods for creating sigils, but I’ll share one I came across in the depth of Tumblr and YouTube which seems to be a favourite among witches.

How to Create a Sigil

  • First, come up with a clear, concise intention and write it down. In witchcraft, attraction is powerful but particular. The best way to attract something to you is to pretend you already have it. If you dwell on NOT having something, it will be much harder to receive it (trust me, I struggle with this all the time). You can use phrases like, “I am”, or “I have” when writing your intention, but avoid uses phrases like “I want”. If you would like to make a sigil to help with anxiety, an intention could be: “I am free of all anxiety”.
Write down your intention
  • Next, cross out all the vowels and any repeating letters. You should be left with just consonants. (If you have a “y” in your intention, it’s up to you whether to cross it out.)
Cross out vowels & repeating letters
  • Now rewrite your remaining letters. I usually rewrite the letters as capitols, but that’s just a preference!
Pull out your remaining letters
  • You will use the lines and curves of the letters to create your sigil. You can get as creative as you like! This method is really just a guide. There is no wrong way to draw out a sigil, but it might take you a few tries to get one that feels or looks right to you.
Separate each letter by its lines and curves. You can draw out this step if it helps you, or just visualize
  • As you draw out your sigil, try to focus on why you’re making it. When making a sigil to help with your anxiety, think about feeling calm and imagining what it feels like to be anxiety-free. Sigils need to be activated. If your intention is strong, just the act of drawing out your sigil can be enough to activate it and set your desire into motion.
Cross out lines/letters as you draw them into your sigil
  • Let your intuition and intention guide you as you draw. As a start, you can try to incorporate every line and curve of the letters. But, listen to your creativity! You can really add in anything you like. Play around and have fun!
Yes I did bring in little circles out of nowhere. It’s creative.
  • Your finished sigil is a personal, powerful spell connected with your subconscious. One way to use a sigil is by keeping it somewhere close to you. I’ve kept different sigils in my pocket, bag, underneath my pillow, in my shoe (so many options). You can also carve sigils into candles, trace them into something you’re baking or cooking, or incorporate them into artwork!

There are endless ways to use sigils. I mentioned before that sigils need to be activated. Some folks do this by burning their sigils. I usually focus my intentions while drawing my sigils, which for me, feels like the right way to activate them. You could also quickly meditate over your sigils, charge them up with music, crystals, or sunlight/moonlight.

I like to redraw sigils into a notebook so I have them all in one place. This makes it easy to go back and find a particular sigil to reuse/reactivate when I need it.

Here are a few intention ideas:

  • I am confident
  • I am protected from negative energy
  • This home/my home is protected
  • Happiness and love find me
  • My finances are abundant
  • I am focused and motivated
  • I’m in tune with my intuition
  • Creativity flows in me
  • I am grounded and in control
  • My plants are healthy thrive (for any other house plant lovers)

Have fun crafting some sigils!

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