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Moss, Menthol & Magic

With moss and menthol taking the lead in this spell, I popped a cough drop in my mouth, poured a mug of peppermint tea and began crafting...

Black Obsidian

Obsidian is a volcanic glass stone found all over the world. Although this crystal may look dark and foreboding, it is a powerful protector and can bring light to your inner shadows...


For the modern witch, a grimoire can be so much more than a spellbook. Grimoires can be similar to journals, somewhere a witch can record not only spells, but their thoughts, ideas, and experiences...

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  • Crystal Feature – Citrine
    The Energy Enhancer As a full-time student, I often feel drained both physically and mentally. Since my program is strictly online for the time being, doing classes from home every day also seems to rain on my creativity. To top this off, my day-to-day struggles with anxiety and depression canContinue reading “Crystal Feature – Citrine”
  • Grimoires
    How You Can Create a Book of Shadows If you’re just diving into witchcraft, you may have come across the terms “grimoire” or “book of shadows”. What are these mysterious and alluring titles? Simply put, they are spellbooks. In witch lore, a grimoire would hold all the recipes and secretsContinue reading “Grimoires”
  • Witches Bells
    Time to Ring in the New Year 2022. This year is much more satisfying to look at than 2021. In numerology, the number “2” is a supremely feminine force. It’s associated with strong intuition and bringing balance to both situations and people. It also embodies coexistence and teamwork. In tarot,Continue reading “Witches Bells”
  • Crystal Feature – Amethyst
    The Master Healer The first crystal I owned (well before becoming a witch) was amethyst. Amethyst is a type of quartz crystal. It’s popular among metaphysical enthusiasts because it is a master healer—and has a captivating violet hue reminiscent of dusk skies. The ancient Greeks believed amethyst could keep youContinue reading “Crystal Feature – Amethyst”
  • Dream Magic
    Nobody knows why we dream Some theories suggest dreams are reflections of our waking lives. We see similar places and faces in our dreams to the ones we’ve recently seen in our day-to-day lives. If you watch a zombie movie before bed, zombies could very likely appear in your dreamsContinue reading “Dream Magic”

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I’m launching this blog as part of a college assignment and will be making weekly witchy posts focused on self-care and wellness.

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